Battle River Sports Excellence is proud to team up with CCM Hockey to become an official 3D Fit Scanner retailer. What does this mean, you may be asking? Well aside from sounding fancy we have become not only a place to custom fit your skates but to custom MAKE your skates.

Each player is unique and so are their feet. By making a digital copy of your foot we go straight to the manufacture and have the skate specifically made for you.

After a very successful first season of custom building skates from 3D Fit Scanning, we are exited for the tweaks made to improve the 2020-21 seasib!

Click here or on the image below to learn more!

At Battle River Sports Excellence we have all your hockey needs! We are a major supporter of hockey in Central Alberta. Our awesome staff is able to help with all players and goalies. No matter if you just want to head out on the pond or are trying to get to the show, Battle River Sports Excellence has what you need!