Bauer Skates


Supreme 1S




Take power to a whole new level with the most explosive skate in hockey. With the new customizable C-FLEX technology tendon guard, the 1S gives you a greater range of motion and creates a faster, more powerful stride, maximizing your speed every game.  If you loved how your MX3s and TotalONES wrapped your foot, wait till you heat these up!




Vapor 1X



It is here and it continues the Bauer Vapor story. Get to the net faster than ever before and make a difference with the skate designed to be the lightest, most agile yet. The new VAPOR 1X is more than just some new decals on last years boot. Bauer has integrated their FIT LOCK PRO tongue, liner and facing to keep you feet dry, secure and protected. The only warning we give is that these skates are not for those who are scared of going fast! Great deals to be had on the previous Vapor lines in stock.





Nexus 1N



Stop, turn and get more explosive strides with the skate that gives you better control. The 1N’s deep heel pocket keeps your foot locked in, while its CURV® composite boot keeps your feet light and comfortable. Plus the LIGHTSPEED EDGE Holder lets you change steel in seconds, so you’ll always be ready to control the game.